Bali Elephant ride

What is Bali Elephant Ride?

Bali Elephant Ride is an activity in which visitors are invited to tour with a ride an elephant. while touring the visitors can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery to the warm atmosphere of the countryside. on the way the visitors can enjoy the fresh coconut water.

Do Elephant Ride Safe?

Do not worry, this activity is guided by the professionals and the  trained elephants. during the tour  the visitors are accompanied by  a very experienced elephant master. and this activity is also covered by insurance to make this activity 100% safe.

Where is Bali Elephant Ride?

In Bali there are several places that offer activities elephant ride. Most of these are located in Gianyar regency. We also see it in Klungkung regency. Here's the most popular elephant ride destination.

Bali adventure Tour

Bali Adventure Tours is located in Gianyar regency precisely in the village of Taro. They are the pioneers of this tourist activities in Bali. From Kuta we could get to this place in less than 1 hour. In addition to offering elephant ride Bali Adventure Rafting Tours also provide activities and some other interesting activities to do in Bali.
Bali Zoo is only a zoo in the beginning, but now they also offer a package elephant ride.  besides the elephant ride we are also given the opportunity to feed the elephants . To get to this place only takes 30 minutes from Kuta or Nusa Dua.

Bakas Levi Rafting

As we know from its name Bakas Levi Rafting Rafting is a recreational area located in the village of Bakas in Klungkung regency. To fulfill the wishes of visitors, now they also provide activities Elephant Ride. although not their main product but in my opinion elephant ride of Bakas Levi Rafting should be  try.

Bali Elephant Ride Ticket Price

Price of elephant ride varies depending on each of its operator. Regular price will be differentiated by age, and origin of visitors. Bali local visitors, domestic, and foreign guests have different rates.

If you want to know more details about the package price elephant ride, can contact the carrier directly. Or you can also consult with the Bali tour operators because they usually get the special price. Besides, you can also ask for a package combining a tour of Bali elephant ride with other packages.

Ok, that my  reviews of Bali Elephant Ride this time. Thanks for visiting her. Keep watching for another interesting bali tour review.

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